Old rules posted here for archiving purposes.


v. RC-Mini 2017a



Tamiya M03 or M05 series "Front Wheel Drive" chassis only, assembled as per Instruction Manual (See Note 1), and no chassis/powertrain modifications allowed. With the exception of the included/optional differential which may be modified to give a locked/spool action.


(Note 1)

M05 parts A6 (ESC tray), A5 (Receiver/Switch tray), B1 (Transponder mount), C10 (Antenna tube mount) and B8 (Battery mount end)  may be omitted.  M03 parts C21 (Antenna tube mount) and C11 (Battery mount end) may be omitted.  M05 battery holder parts C14,  C17 and B8 may be modified to accommodate battery wiring.  M03 battery holder parts C4 and C11 may be modified to accommodate battery wiring.  Ball bearings may replace any brass bush.  Batteries may be secured with a suitable battery tape.



Bodyshells are open, with the following restrictions - No Modern (post 1980) 4 door Touring Sedans and/or 12th scale type Wedge/Can-am Sports bodies.



Any commercially available 55mm OD rubber mini-sized tire, in any combination and/or compound, with any insert, and standard offset mini-sized wheels.



Tamiya RS540 Sport Tuned (Black Can) motors (23,000 rpm max) – Tamiya #53068.


Hobbywing 13T (engraved/etched on can)/3000KV EZRun Brushless System Combo complete system with 25A, 35A or 60A (SL series) ESC.  (Discontinued 2017). 

ESC:  Hobbywing 25A-SL, 35A-SL (Discontinued 2016), 60A-SL (Discontinued 2017).

Motor: Hobbywing EzRun 13 Turn Brushless – Hobbywing # 90020050 (Discontinued 2017).


Hobbywing EzRun Max10 Combo 3300KV. - Hobbywing # 38010203

ESC: Max10 EzRun 3652 SL – Hobbywing # 30102602

MOTOR: 3652 SL 3300Kv – Hobbywing # 30402600


No modifications are permitted to motors. 

Motors limited to 3300Kv

No alteration of wiring from ESC to Motor these MUST remain as supplied.  (See Note 2)


(Note 2) Fans may be omitted from the ESC.  Discontinued motors and ESCs may still be used for competition racing.



•Any 6 cell pack, stick, side by side or saddle configuration, Nicad or NiMH.

•Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4 LiPo packs as listed on the ROAR website, or EFRA website or BRCA website.



20, 18 OR 16 Tooth pinions only.



A minimum weight limit of 1330 grams (with transponder).   Only Tamiya Hop-ups/option parts designed for the specific model and used for their design purpose are permitted, however, Official Tamiya Hop-up/option parts may be replaced with an equivalent part from a different manufacturer if designed for the specific model.


Protective bumpers are permitted providing they are of essentially foam construction.


After market rear body mount support/braces are also permitted.



Version History.

Mini-Nats 2017a (Jul - Aug  2017)

  • Remove repetition.
  • Update Motor section to reflect Hobbywing SL series ESCs and EzRun 13T motor now discontinued by manufacturer.
  • Include new Hobbywing EzRun 3652  series Max10 ESC and 3300KV motor as the current control motor.
  • Remove 'Tech Sheet' graphic that contained old information and place in words the relevant information it contained in Note 1 and Note 2.

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